Motion Flex Pants


Motion Flex Pants

For the active dog owner and the passionate outdoors enthusiast, Arrak Outdoor introduces the "Motion Flex Pants". These trousers represent a perfect blend of functionality and style, specifically designed to meet the challenges of varying terrains.

With its 4-way stretch fabric, the Motion Flex Pants guarantee an unbeatable fit that smoothly adjusts to every movement without restriction. And when the terrain surprises with moisture, you can rely on the waterproof fabric from the knees down to keep you dry.

Every detail in these trousers speaks of thoughtful design. Zippered hand pockets ensure your belongings stay where they belong. The thigh pockets on the side provide additional storage, with one extra protected with a zipper. And on warmer days, the cleverly placed zipper for ventilation becomes indispensable.

Functionality goes hand in hand with design. The integrated belt ensures a secure fit for all your adventures. With the adjustable leg endings, the pants are quick to put on and take off.

Whether your adventure takes you through dense forests with your dog or up to mountain peaks, the Motion Flex Pants from Arrak Outdoor are your obvious choice. With a weight of only 448g in size 50, every step becomes lighter. Experience the ultimate comfort and performance in outdoor living with Arrak Outdoor.

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4-way Stretch Fabric:
The pants' material provides optimal flexibility and freedom of movement. This means you can move freely without feeling restricted by your clothes.

Waterproof Fabric from the Knees Down:
This specific design protects you from moisture when walking through wet terrain or low-lying vegetation. It reduces the risk of wet legs from sudden puddles or wet bushes.

Hand Pockets with Zippers:
These pockets offer secure storage for your belongings. The zipper ensures that everything stays inside even during active moments.

Thigh Pockets with an Additional Zippered Pocket:
Add even more storage space on the side of the thigh. The extra pocket with a zipper provides additional security for valuable items.

Ventilation Zipper:
Perfect for regulating body temperature on warm days or during intense activities. Open it to let in fresh air and cool down.

Integrated Belt:
Contributes to a tailored fit without the need to add an external belt. It ensures that the pants fit comfortably regardless of the activity.

Adjustable Leg Ends:
Make it easy to put on and take off the pants. In addition, they can be adjusted to fit various types of shoes or boots.

Lightweight at 448g in Size 50:
This low weight reduces the strain on the wearer, making it more comfortable to wear the pants for extended periods.

With these features, the "Motion Flex Pants" from Arrak Outdoor become the obvious choice for the active outdoors enthusiast.