Washing and care advice

Clothing care

Even if you treat your clothes with care, you still need to wash them from time to time. Follow our recommendations to help your Arrak products last longer. Sometimes, it’s enough to air the clothes, and if you have a small stain, try to wash it off by hand with soap or a liquid detergent. If you still need to wash your clothes, follow the instructions below. Do not use fabric softener – it will cause your clothes to lose its properties and is harmful to the environment. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support.


Follow the instructions on the clothes. Do not use fabric softeners. Arrak recommends detergents that have a built-in hygiene effect and can be used when washing at a low temperature, when washing by hand, and still have a hygienic cleaning effect.


If you are going to iron your clothes, follow the instructions on the clothes and do not iron over prints, buttons and zippers.


Feel free to impregnate your clothes on a regular basis. When you impregnate your clothes, they become water-repellent, but that’s not all. Impregnation also protects your clothes from dirt and daily wear and tear, making them last longer! There are several different impregnation techniques for different types of material, and different ways to apply them. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support.

Wash symbols

You’ll find the wash symbols on the clothing item’s care label. It’s important that you follow the instructions to guarantee the quality and durability of your clothes. The wash symbols tell you how the clothes should be ironed, bleached, dried, dry-cleaned and washed.