Woman Jackets

Clothes for outdoor activities

ARRAK OUTDOOR is a Swedish brand that started in 1999.

It all began when the request for dog owners' clothes and the idea for the perfect dog owners' jacket became intense. The result of this idea is the Arrak Outdoor Original Jacket that has grown to be a classic for dog owners. Today everything is different, we have added to our collections, not just for dog owners and their clothing needs. Arrak Outdoor collection also flaunts various designs for hiking, running, fishing, hunt and lot of more outdoor activities.

At Arrak Outdoor, we love the requirements you, as a customer put on us and our clothes. You are doing us and our products better. Our goal is to make you our brand ambassador and a costumer that comes back to us. Our goal with our products is that quality, durability, and price go hand in hand. We always want you to have the little extra when you purchase clothes from us like a pocket for the dog candy that you can take off. As a customer, your expectations on our clothes are what we exceed with our collections.

Start to plan your adventure at Arrak Outdoor with our variety of collections that get you set for your outdoor activities.