Welcome to Arrak Outdoor

Arrak Outdoor was founded in 1999 by Mikael Styrmark in Falkenberg, Sweden. Mikael was an active dog owner and was looking for practical clothes to wear when training his dog. At the time, the market didn’t offer the type of garment he was looking for. Fortunately, Mikael was a creative person who actively developed the first product for dog owners, the Original Jacket.

Mikael set the global standard for how dog handler clothes should be designed, with smart features and his choice of materials. Today, Arrak Outdoors’ range is wide, to accommodate all dog owners, not just professional dog trainers.

We who run Arrak Outdoor today are active dog owners ourselves. We love spending time in nature and are passionate about developing our range, as needs change over time. We place great value on taking your wishes and ideas into account in our product design and development, where Mikael’s legacy also lives on. His creative ideas are an inspiration for us all at Arrak Outdoor to this date.

The experience we’ve built in the last 30 years as an active player in textile production has led Arrak to, with humility, simplicity and creativity, go on a path of sustainable development of dog handler clothes, always with focus on quality and functionality to make life easier for dog owners.

Now, if you’re reading this you might be wondering where the name Arrak comes from? 

Well, the name too comes from our founder, as his beloved dog was named Arrak.