Hundförare kläder och Friluftskläder dam

Base layers and thermal underwear for men


A quality inner layer for men is the foundation of the layer-on-layer principle. This base layer ensures that moisture, as well as excess heat, is transported away from the body, two features which are essential when you want to stay warm even during exceptionally cold weather conditions.

Base layers and underwear for men

Ett underställ för herr som håller hög kvalitet sätter grunden för lager-på-lager-principen. Understället ser till att du kan transportera bort fukt och även överskottsvärme från kroppen, två egenskaper som är väsentliga när du vill behålla värmen även under riktigt kyliga väderförhållanden

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Base layers and underwear for outdoor activities

Why base layers and underwear are a must for men during winter

It’s easy to underestimate the cold. This is especially true for people who are active and radiate heat by keeping their body moving when it’s cold outside. When the body gets warm through physical activity, it automatically begins to cool down through sweating. This quickly becomes a problem in cold weather. It doesn’t take long before you start to shiver, especially in minus degrees and strong winds. Qualitative underwear and base layers can help you deal with excess heat as well as sweat.


Moisture-transporting and heat-insulating

A good base layer needs to perform well in two areas: moisture transportation and insulation. Of these two properties, moisture transport is usually the most important. How well the underwear performs depends largely on the material of which it is made. Synthetic material, such as polyester, is an extremely popular choice when it comes to men’s underwear for active men. Polyester ensures that moisture doesn’t stay on the body or the clothes, and is let through. The material absorbs the moisture and then lets it evaporate further away from the body. Should your inner layer become wet from moisture and sweat, the clothes will also quickly dry again.


Men’s underwear with several great features

A men’s base layer made of polyester, bamboo or wool can help the body retain some of the heat inside the inner layer. This is not, however, the material’s strong suit, which is also a good thing because excess heat needs to get to your other layers of clothes in order to be released into the air. This is where the interaction between your layers play a part. The innermost layer ensures that moisture is transported away from the body while also retaining some of the heat. The remaining layer helps you insulate the heat and, if necessary, regulate the temperature.

An important aspect of the multilayer principle

The layer-on-layer principle is a well-known method for keeping warm and comfortable in cold weather. In short, the method involves dressing in several layers, where the interaction between the layers ensures that you can retain heat and keep warm. Exactly what to wear, and how many layers you need, depends on your activity level and outdoor temperatures. Low activity in combination with a temperature well below freezing puts high demand on thermal insulation. High activity and cold weather, on the other hand, puts high demand on moisture transportation, ventilation and heat regulation. At Arrak Outdoor we have several clothing items for different types of activities, perfect to use as middle and outer layers. Feel free to check out our selection of clothing for cold weather. You can combine a set of men’s underwear with a matching pair of trousers and a functional jacket.


Durable underwear for men

Another valued feature of our men’s underwear and base layers is the durability. The synthetic material ensures that your underwear stays true to size for a long time, even through regular use. It’s also easy to wash and care for your men’s underwear. A tip is to have more than one set of undergarments at home. This way you have the possibility to wear a high-quality base layer even when your other set is in the wash.


Buy high-quality men’s underwear from us

At Arrak Outdoor we strive to provide high quality at all levels. Our base layers and underwear are perfect to use together with the vast majority of our clothing items, especially our winter clothes. In addition to a base layer set, trousers and jackets, we also offer socks, hats and neck warmers. These can make a big difference when it comes to your comfort during the winter period. Find everything you need to dress warmly and comfortably when it’s both windy and snowy outside.