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Outdoor jackets for men

Jackets for men

Are you looking for a men’s jacket? We have a large selection of clothes that are perfect for outdoor use. Our leisure jackets for men are used by dog handlers, on hikes and for all kinds of outdoor activities.

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    Arrak Summit Jacket Men Black
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    Specialist Overshirt Light Men Khaki
    32.80€ was 110.00€
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    Trek Jacket Orange Men
    89.90€ was 199.90€
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    Specialist Insulated Fleece Men Green
    38.90€ was 129.00€
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    Specialist Overshirt Light Men Green
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    Trek Anorak Men Brown
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    Trek Jacket Brown Men
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    Trek Jacket Anthracite Men
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    Flannel shirt insulated men brown
    59.90€ was 79.90€
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    Trek Jacket Green Men
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    Trek Anorak Men Orange
    99.90€ was 249.00€
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    Trek Anorak Men Green
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    Hiker fleece jacket men dark red
    34.90€ was 49.90€
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    Adventure fleece jacket men black
    44.90€ was 59.90€
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Functional jackets, rain jackets and leisure jackets for active men

Men’s outdoor jackets suitable for winter

In the coldest weather conditions, you need clothes that help you keep your heat efficiently. For the toughest challenges, we offer the Arrak Original jacket, a model with several good features. The jacket is also popular as a dog walking jacket, thanks in large part to all the spacious pockets and custom details for dog owners, such as removable pockets for treats. In addition to our original jacket, you will find a wide range of dog handler jackets to keep you warm. If you think your current jacket is too thin, we recommend a warm and lovely fleece jacket to wear underneath.



Functional jackets, raincoats and leisure jackets for active men

Rain, debris and strong winds mean high demands on your clothes, especially your jacket. If you need high-quality outdoor jackets for men, you will find several great options in our range. With the help of a softshell jacket, for example the Akka model, you can stay dry even when it rains. The softshell jacket is an excellent all-round jacket and has a total of seven pockets, including the popular and spacious back pocket for dog owners. Our range also includes our special raincoat, a model that can handle heavy rain and has excellent ventilation.

Soft, comfortable and warm leisure jackets

Fleece as a material is perfect for leisure jackets. It’s easy to wash and feels soft against the skin. Fleece can transport moisture effectively and at the same time help you retain heat. When you shop at Arrak Outdoor, you will find several fleece jackets to choose from, including stylish and high-performance jackets. All our Arrak Outdoor jackets have our classic tunnel pocket on the back. It’s a perfect pocket for dog owners to carry for example leashes, toys or whatever items you need to bring.


Tips when choosing an outdoor jacket for men

Choosing the right jacket can be difficult, especially when there are so many great options to choose from. The first thing you should do is consider your own needs. Do you need a leisure jacket for men to use on a daily basis? Are you planning on spending a lot of time outdoors during the bitter cold of winter? Will you be standing still for long periods at a time, or keep your heart rate up? Our jackets are perfect for different types of activities.


As you can see, we have a large selection of jackets of the highest quality. If you feel you need help finding the right one among all the options, feel free to contact our customer service team and we’d be happy to help you make a great choice. Please read more about the specific products by clicking on the models. Remember that we also offer pants, vests, sweaters and functional underwear. You can combine these with our outdoor jackets for men.